SEO (search engine optimization) for your website to reach better results in the Google search engine rankings. This contains improving page content, ensuring an efficient site structure, keyword relevancy, meta-tags etc.
Google AdWords
Virtual marketing assistance in the creation, monitoring, and optimization of AdWords campaigns. Measures to reduce costs, generate more leads and revenue from your ads, and maximize your ROI.
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing to successfully promote your product or service on social media platforms. Virtual marketing assistance in the creation, and processing of campaigns as well as the creation and sharing of content.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a time-consuming business. I assist you in setting up, monitoring and, optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns. Also, I can handle e-mail contacts with affiliate providers.
Keyword Research
Good rankings for the right keywords are crucial for success in your branch. Virtual assistance in keyword research to determine which keywords users type into Google's search box to search for your product or service.
Blog Post Promotion
Support for the promotion of your blog posts in communities and social networks so that you can reach the right audience with your content. Also, the comment administration can be handled by me.

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