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Who is behind Don Kong's Virtual Assistant Services?

Don Kong Profil PictureDon Kong is, of course, just a nickname that has emerged at some point. My real name is Andreas Stöcker. I was born in Germany and have been living permanently in Southeast Asia since 1999. After 9 years in Thailand, I moved in 2007 to Cambodia, to the coastal town of Sihanoukville, where I still live today.

Originally, I came from the real estate industry in which I had previously worked in Germany. Then in Thailand, I first opened a restaurant, then ran an insect farm and finally built a small bungalow resort near the beach. Life was easy and I had a lot of time.

I used this time to intensively deal with the creation of WordPress-based websites. Search engine optimization and online marketing were also topics that interested me very much. My dream was to earn money on the Internet in order to be completely independent of everything else.

My new profession became a real job, so when I moved to Cambodia I could already live off it. Over the years, I expanded my field of activity to include social media marketing, copywriting, Google AdWords, online research and administrative tasks. During my work, a small team of experienced coworkers was formed, who are available to help and advise me in case of need.

Parallel to my Virtual Assitance Service, I set up a costume jewelry production facility here in Sihanoukville in 2009 for an Israeli client with 135 employees and managed it for 4.5 years as Managing Director. During the same period, I worked as a consultant for a U.S. American producer in the same industry.

I am happy to share my skills and experiences gained in over 11 years of online work with you. I work reliably and I am ambitious, creative and flexible.

On good cooperation,
Andreas Stöcker.


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